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For traders on the go, PSC CRM Mobile App eliminates the need for a desktop

Mobile Trading App

Simplified, Yet Adanced, Mobile-Trading CRM Solution

Eliminate the borderline between Desktop and Mobile, your key channel obstacles so that your marketers can take advantage of current mobile traffic opportinities.

Get the Fully Customised
Branding of Our Mobile App

Thanks to our B2C trading CRM app solution

mobile app

  • arrow Flexible Dashboard ( Realtime Updates)
  • arrow Fully sync with desktop platform
  • arrow Easy Login
  • arrow Multi Languages
  • arrow Darkmode Supported
  • arrow Smart Notification & Alerts
  • arrow Announcement & Promotion module
  • arrow Fast Onboarding Using OTP

B2B Trading App

Engagement and Notifications

Advanced marketing systems enable our partners to group clients, targeting specific segments of those clients with personalized campaigns that enhance brand engagement and maximizes client value.

B2B Trading App

We're domestic experts

PSCb2broker offers full support to it’s clients 24/7 all over the nation. PSCb2broker is the leading B2B/B2C trading/CRM solutions.

Instant Set-Up

Instant Set-Up See Demo

Our PSCb2broker Trading CRM Platform enables you to get your brokerage up and running few days. Our support team is ready to assist you.

Unified Functionality
Across All Devices

PSCb2broker's products are the result of a research and development project that spanned 36 months. It resolved one of the most difficult problems of the online trading industry: the different technology, functionality, and appearance of trading platforms across devices.


Smart is the word here. They are great and have excellent support. Trading has now become like a game. I warmly recomment PSCb2broker, very solid platform


Empower Your Trading


Unified functionality

Enhance the Lifetime Value of Your Traders

State-of-the-Art Design

With the PSCb2broker's Platforms, your marketers can now run end-to-end mobile traffic funnels, significantly increasing their conversion rate. Your traders use the same platform on each device, giving them a unified experience and significantly enhancing their lifetime value.

Our white label services gives you the option to invigorate your business identity easily.

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